Sunday, 14 September 2014

Power Legion - Conversion from TSR FASERIP

These are a few notes about converting from the TSR FASERIP system to Power Legion.  This is an easier process than it might first appear.  The only issue is how to convert from the various TSR power ranks to dice.  After some help from Andrea I'm now using the following table:-

FASERIP Ranks Dice
Feeble Poor Typical d4
Good d6
Excellent Remarkable d8
Incredible Amazing d10
Monstrous d12
Unearthly d20

As for stats they convert as follows:-

TSR Stat
Power Legion Equivalent
Fighting Martial Arts/Weaponmaster if higher than Agility
Agility Agility
Strength Strength
Endurance Knockout
Reason Mind
Intuition Tactics if significantly higher than Reason
Psyche Strong Will if higher than Reason or Mind if the
 character has Telepathy

Powers convert fairly well, Body Armor is Armor and flying is also obvious.  If the character has the Leadership Talent give it the Leadership trait at the characters Reason Power Rank.


  1. I improved power legion by bridging the considerable gap between the d12 and d20 with the commercially available d16 and added the d2 for truly bad stats

    This results in

    Feeble, Poor d2
    Typical d4
    Good d4 or d6
    Excellent d6 or d8
    Remarkable d8
    Incredible d10
    Amazing d12
    Monstrous d16
    Unearthly d20

    For Good and Excellent, use associated stats to decide or descriptions

    1. I'd wondered about using d14, d16 & d18 but I'd not thought of doing it this way. I will try thank you.

    2. I am really beginning to like this game. I just need to get people and stats

      And your site will help; thanks to you!