Sunday, 15 February 2015

Power Legion - Freedom Force the video game

This post gives my take on the Superhero team Freedom Force from the video game of the same name.


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Minuteman (512 Points)
d6 d6 d8 d6
Damage Resistance d6+2 Activation d6
Armor d4, Martial Arts d8, Ranged Damage d4 (Minute Missile), Shield d6, Super Leap d6, Boost, Strong Will d8 

Man Bot

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Man Bot (488 Points)
d6 d4 d8 d8
Damage Resistance d8+3 Activation d6
Armor d6, Flight d6, Ranged Damage d8, Power Suppression d6, Easy Target 


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Mentor (526 Points)
d8 d6 d4 d6
Knockout d6 Activation d8
Flight d4, Telepathy d8, Ranged Damage d6, Force Field d8, Energy Fist 

El Diablo

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El Diablo (446 Points)
d6 d6 d6 d6
Knockout d6 Activation d6
Flight d6, Fire Generation d8, Energy Fist 


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Alchemiss (636 Points)
d8 d6 d4 d6
Knockout d6 Activation d8
Flight d6, Magic d8


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Microwave (525 Points)
d8 d4 d6 d6
Damage Resistance d6+4* Activation d8
Ranged Damage d8, Teleport d6, Marksman d6, Armor d8 (Limited: To Radiation Only), Artificial , Short Move , Combat Computer 


Image result for freedom force bullet

Bullet (668 Points)
d6 d6 d6 d6
Knockout d6 Activation d6
Superspeed d8, Regeneration d6, Flying Kick , Difficult Target , Slippery , Vulnerability to Radiation

The Tower of the Elephant 2 - Savage Worlds Hyboria

Between the walls

                As Cucklug and Cuhullain stood over the bodies of the dead guards their errant friend Kehemnekt rode up and hailed his companions.  Dismounting he joined them inside the walls.  Decisively Cuhullain set off down the path to the left passing between the well kept bushes that lined the path between the walls surrounding the garden of the Tower.  The sharp-eyed Stygian spying a dark form in the undergrowth suggested to his less observant companion Chullain that perhaps he should relieve himself before venturing further.  The threat of a Cimmerian showering brought forth a man cloaked in Black. Nodding he introduced himself as Taurus of Nemedia, Prince of Thieves.  A short time later after further introductions and a sharing of stories the now enlarged party set to climbing the inner wall into the garden.  The group agreed Taurus was to have the gem known as the Heart of the Elephant and the original group would take anyhing else they found. Taurus paused but briefly on the top of the wall before deftly leaping to the ground inside the garden.  Cucklug and Cuhullain soon joined him but Kehemnekt displaying more caution remain perched upon the wall.

The Garden

               The three companions in the garden set off through the trees and bushes with Cuhullain in the lead followed closely by Taurus and Cucklug. The trio had ventured some-way towards the Tower when silently a lion burst forth upon them.  The lion pounced upon Cuhullain who managed to catch one attack upon his shield but the second raked across his chest bringing forth a crimson flow.  Kehemnekt was the first to react drawing on his sorcerous skills he released three bolts of light.  One went wide but the other two struck home bringing down the beast.  In anger Cucklug loosed an arrow into the already dead creature's head.
              The Hyrkanian then began to butcher the beast separating its head from its body and drawing its teeth.  Persuaded to leave the corpse the party cautiously moved on to the base of the tower.  Taurus removed a fine rope made from the hair of dead women harvested from their tombs at midnight and soaked in upas tree wine.  Attached to one end of the rope was a four pronged grapnel.  Taurus passed the rope to Cuhullain who flexing his muscles hurled the hook skyward towards the top of the tower. The hook caught and the group began one by one to climb.  Cucklug hesitantly went first.  With little difficulty he reached the top where finding himself surrounded by jewels encrusted into the walls took out his dagger and tried to remove them.  He soon found the gems were so tightly embedded that his efforts were for nought.  The rest of party ascended even more easily than the Hyrkanian and soon all four were atop the tower outside a sturdy wooden door.

Fifth floor (Treasure Room)

                Taurus bade his comrades to fan out and check below for more lions and guards.  As they hesitated he opened the door, stepped inside and closed it behind himself.  Kehemnekt swiftly realising some subterfuge was being perpetrated, stepped forward and opened the door.  The corpse of their erstwhile ally tumbled from within and lay still on the floor.  The party dragged the corpse clear and closed the door.  The Stygian and the Cimmerian dispassionately searched the body and took Taurus's rope and lockpicks.  It was Kehemnekt who spotted the two puncture wounds on the back of the thief's neck around which the flesh was already putrefying.  
                 Cautiously the party reopened the door scanning the walls and ceiling for traps.  The room contained six large chests spaced evenly around the edge of the room and in the centre of the domed ceiling a large carved spider stared down.  Kehemnekt instantly recognised the carving as Zath the Zamoran Spider God.  Fearing illusions or disguised monsters Cucklug fired a shaft into one of the chests at the base of the opposite wall.  When the arrow simply struck the chest and stuck there quivering Cucklug remained crouched by the door.  Still believing a trap awaited the party hurled the Nemedian's body into the room and when that brought no response, the Cimmerian, mighty thews bulging lifted the door from its hinges and hurled the door in on top of the corpse.  When that had no effect Cuhullain holding his shield over his head and gripping his axe tightly ventured into the room.  Stepping over the corpse and the door he reached close to the centre of the room before five dark shapes leapt from the ceiling.  Cucklug loosed the shot of his life piercing two of the spiders with a single shaft.  Kehemnekt muttering an incantation shot beams of light from his hands two of which struck spiders causing them to shrivel and then burst showering ichor around the room.  The final spider scuttled towards the Cimmerian who easily deflected its attack with his shield and brought his battle axe down splitting the creature in twain.
               The party entered the room and still fearing traps Kehemnekt using the body of the Nemedian as a shield opened a chest with the tip of a spear he had looted from the guards.  Once all the chests were opened and their contents revealed the party took stock.  They held what Kehemnekt could instantly tell was an enchanted scimitar and throwing axe along with a scroll and three potions.  All that along with mounds of gold and gems.
               Once Kehemnekt had read the scroll and tasted the potions, Cucklug had lifted the blade called Shapur the fleet, Cuhullain had slid the throwing axe into his belt and the whole party had filled every pouch and pocket with gems and gold they opened the door opposite the one they had entered the room and descended deeper into the tower.

Fourth Floor (Yag Kosha)

            Coming to another door the party opened it and went carefully in.  Inside the room the group found a large green idol seated before a golden dais on which sat upon a fine cushion was a large crimson gem, The Heart of the Elephant.  The jade idol had a man's body and limbs but the head of an elephant.
             The party were astounded when the eyes of the idol flashed open and it called out in a deep voice "Is that you Yara come to torture me further?".  Confused the party said nothing but Cucklug saw that the beast's, as they now knew, legs were twisted, scorched and ruined.  It was unable to raise itself from the couch on which it sat.  Cucklug much to the chagrin of his comrades spoke to the creature who named itself Yag Kosha.  It bade him come forth so it may touch his face. With some trepidation but more bravery than his fellows Cucklug stepped forward and bending slightly allowed the creature to reach out its trunk and feel his face.  "You are not of Yara's accursed race" said Yag Kosha, "You are of Lemuria".  A conversation followed in which Yag Kosha told the party of his life and asked them to end his suffering and grant him vengeance.  They were to slay him, cut out his heart and allow his life blood to run over the gem before him then take it to the floor below where slept his tormentor, Yara.  The party were to wake him and speak thus "Yag Kosha gives you a last gift and a last enchantment.  Cucklug with more relish than his party wished did the gory deed and holding the bloody heart over the gem allowed Yag Kosha's life blood to fall upon it.  The gem absorbed the blood like a sponge and left the heart a grey shrivelled thing.  Cucklug the gory deed done, removed Yag Kosha's tusks as a further trophy.
           Carrying the gem upon its silken cushion the party descended to the floor below.

Third Floor (Yara)

             The party opened the door and as promised found Yara a asleep upon a large circular bed next to a comely female who the party believed to be the Duke's daughter that they sought.
            Disobeying Yag Kosha's last wish, Kehemnekt stealthily entered the room bloody murder on his mind.  He moved quietly but Yara had left sentinels who did not rely on sound and a bolt of lightning struck the Stygian a glancing blow.  As he moved forward Yara awoke and a wall of flame surrounded the bed.  Taken by surprise the Stygian still had the presence of mind to release three bolts of light at the groggy sorcerer.  Two struck home, one with the power to slay an elephant.  Untouched Yara summoned released a blast of spiders that wounded the Stygian and gave the others pause for thought.  Recovering Kenemnekt conjured a magical vestment and stepped through the flames and climbed onto the bed toe to toe with the mighty sorcerer and next to the now screaming girl.  It was now that Cucklug spoke "Yag Kosha gives a last gift and a last enchantment".  Yara screamed and was drawn across the room becoming smaller all the time until his shrunken form hugged the gem in Cucklug's hands.  Screaming further he was drawn within the crimson stone.  As the party watched Yara now reduced to a diminutive form within the gem stood peering around when Yag Kosha restored to full health and with large wings appeared before him and raising his arms in attack chased the screaming Yara out of the parties view.  The gem faded out of existence and the tower began to shake.  Pausing only to grab a belt and cape Cucklug bolted for the far door.  He was followed by Kehemnekt who seized a whistle  and Cuhullain with the Duke's daughter over one shoulder claimed a javelin.  Down the group fled and out into the floor below.

Second Floor (Dining Hall)

          The tower was beginning to shake and in places the process of collapse had begun as the party burst into the second floor of the tower.  The room was dominated by a large table around which about twenty of Yara's Royal guards were slumped.  At first they appeared asleep but as the party ran past it became clear they were all dead, victims of Yag Kosha's curse.  They had been party to his suffering in life so joined their master in death.  On the party ran to escape the tower.

First Floor (Dorm)

         By the time the party reached this floor cracks were appearing in the ceiling and walls and it was becoming harder to run.  This floor was the guards dormitory and the party were suprised to find two women asleep in two of the beds.  Hardly pausing they grabbed the women and dragged them downstairs.

Ground Floor (Armoury)

       The party did not hesitate on the ground floor of the tower.  By now the walls and ceiling had a transparent quality and stars could be seen through what had been solid only minutes before.  This room was the armoury for the guards but the party did not pause to loot the gear they dashed across the room unbarred the door and cast it open.  They spilled out into the gardens and fled to where they had entered the garden a couple of hours earlier.  They looked back as the tower slowly collapsed in on itself, turning to dust as it fell.  The dust gradually dissipated on the wind leaving only a bare patch of earth where the tower had once stood.  Pausing only to skin the lion's corpse the group left the garden, mounted their horses and quietly rode to the city gate, only stopping to obtain suitable travelling gear for the three women in the party.  As they left the gate Kehemnekt turned and taunted the guards with their deeds.  Spurring their horses the party were safely out of bow-shot before the guards could react.

The Journey to Tarantia

         Heading back to Tarantia the now expanded party rode off.  Kehemnekt spying far off and thankfully travelling in the opposite direction a group of horsemen clad head to toe in loose fitting black clothing, spurred Erdish and bade the others ride faster.
         After many adventures the party arrived back in Tarantia.  Where they received their reward and obtained honest work for the women they had rescued in the Duke's kitchens.
         Having rescued the girl, slain the Yara the sorcerer priest of Zath and destroyed his tower the party headed straight for the nearest tavern to celebrate and contemplate their next adventure.