Monday, 30 May 2016

Four Against Darkness - Dark Waters - Part 2

   This is a spoiler free record of a play through of the second part of the Dark Waters scenario pack.  After the first part of the scenario one of the characters had died but the others were level two.

   The new tables gave a different game compared to the standard rules.  I seemed to earn less treasure perhaps because half the minions in this pack have no treasure and I rolled mostly those.

   My dice rolling did generate an unusual dungeon with ten empty rooms/corridors and two Small Dragons.  The party slew the first but received a quest from the second.  After a challenging final confrontation with some minions and a tough Final Boss the party made their way back out of the dungeon fighting wandering monsters.  By the time they'd reached the entrance once more the party had fought six groups of Vermin, nineteen sets of Minions and five Bosses.  They had all made level three which with better dice rolling could have been level four for most.  No Healing spells were left and the Wizard only had two life points remaining.

   The map was made up of thirty three rooms though would have been less if I'd kept to a time limit or to the usual maximum map size.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Four Against Darkness - Dark Waters - Part 1

   Having enjoyed the original 4AD game from Ganesha Games and bought, but not played, the first supplement I decided to buy the second a scenario pack called Dark Waters.

Image result for "dark waters" ganesha

     The production values of Dark Waters are of the same high standard as the main rules and the Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters.  The pdf has a colour cover and black and white drawings throughout.

    As far as the contents go there's a new character class for 4AD. The Swashbuckler is a fighter type character who gets to attack twice per round but can't wear armour.  The class gains half its level rounded down to attack and defence rolls.  Its special ability is it can accumulate a limited number of panache points which can be spent to provide a bonus to attack or defence rolls.

   The bulk of the contents are a two part scenario for 4AD.  I think the best way to review that is to give, a largely spoiler free, description of a game.

   To play the game I generated a new party:-

Ragnar a Warrior
Odo a Cleric
Tostig a Rogue
Morcar a Wizard

   The first scenario starts with you sent to hunt a Corsair Captain.  You get to choose who sends you, either the local Coast Guard or the local underground.  I chose the Coastguard and they delivered me to the Corsairs lair.  This part of the book was a predetermined dungeon with a map with numbered locations.  As the party entered a location you read the relevant numbered paragraph and follow the instructions.

   My party fought their way through the dungeon, fighting four Bosses, several groups of Minions and some traps along the way.  They nearly suffered casualties early on and the Cleric had to cast a couple of Healing spells but after that things went better until the Wizard lost a leg and close to the way out, his life.  By now the party had two magical swords, four gems, a couple of other magic items and some gold. The three survivors were all level two, Ragnar having failled to gain level three.

  The party's finances meant they could only bury poor Morcar and recruit a replacement in the form of Erik the Blue.  They received their reward from the Coast Guard and Odo levelled up again to level three.  The party then upgraded their equipment buying heavy armour for Ragnar and Odo, another Healing Potion and a pair of Holy Water Vials.

   The party were ready for the second part of the scenario.  This is a random dungeon generated using the rules in the main rules but with all new tables so the resultant dungeon's contents are completely new.