Sunday, 14 September 2014

Power Legion - Unofficial suggested Trait

As I've been converting characters I've not come across many that the rules can't cope with completely.  There are two that I can't convert fully without adding a Trait.  They are characters who can dig through the earth, so this is my suggested Trait to cope with these rare exceptions:-

Burrowing 4 points per level.  The character can tunnel under the ground at the rate of 1 S per level ignoring terrain.  The character can remain beneath the ground between turns, mark the figure in some way at the end of its movement. If the character tunnels into melee and attacks in the same turn it makes a surprise attack on its opponent.
The character can create a tunnel for others to use if they burrow at one level slower than normal.  Characters with only a d4 Burrowing who wish to leave a usable tunnel behind move as if they had the Slow Trait.  Mark the opening and exit with a glass token or similar.
While burrowing the character cannot attack but can be attacked in melee and ranged combet as if they had the Difficult Target Trait and the attacker suffers -2 to its attack and damage dice.

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