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The Tower of the Elephant - Savage Worlds Hyboria

Savage Worlds Hyborian One-shot The Tower of the Elephant

This post outlines the events of a roleplaying session using the Savage Worlds rules.  The characters were built using the Savage Sword of Conan rules.  I gave the heroes one more advantage on top of the pretty generous character generation system, they start with 20 xps and so are Seasoned characters.  I've written the session up in a narrative style:-

Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, that the heroes, the barbarian Chullain of Cimmeria, the Sorceror Kehemnekt of Stygia and the archer Cucklug of Hyrkania didst whore and carouse in the glittering city of Tarantia, Capital of Aquilonia.

Thence came the Captain of the Duke’s guard with a summons to the Palace.  Kehemnekt fearing arrest, fled hurling lit torches to the floor as he went.  Joining Cucklug he convinced the Hyrkanian to aid his incendiary efforts.  Cucklug hurled flaming logs onto nearby thatched roofs whilst Kehemnekt leapt from the window onto the inn’s roof, thence on to the roofs of other buildings.  Shot twice with poison darts by Pictish scouts he resisted the effects and once more took flight seeking refuge, in a barrel.  Chullain and Cucklug by force of will alone organised the guards and townsfolk to fight the flames.  Then as Chullain accompanied the guards to the Duke’s Palace, Cucklug mounted his horse and with Kehemnekt's steed Erdish in tow sought his Stygian ally.  Finding him whence he had fled, Kehemnekt mounted Erdish and rode off at speed.  Cucklug pursued his friend but Kehemnekt would not stop. In desperation Cucklug sliced Kehemnekt’s saddle strap but Kehemnekt managed to maintain his seat.  Cucklug then wrote a simple note and attaching it to an arrow shot it through his fleeing friends hood, at that point a small child who could not get out of the way found itself in the Stygian's path.  Kehemnekt with all the skill of a Hyrkanian guided his horse around the child.  At this point Cucklug pulled up and watching Kehemnekt ride on, he tossed the fortunate child a coin and slowly turned and rode for the palace.  Kehemnekt continued to ride at speed out of the city gate and into a wood where he made camp.
Chullain arrived at the Palace and was later joined by Cucklug.  They were wined and dined by the Duke and then charged to seek out the Duke’s daughter that had been kidnapped and carried away.  From the girl’s maid they discovered she had gone willingly to Zamora, the City of Thieves.
Following the maid’s tale all three of the heroes journeyed to Zamora.  There they entered the Maul, famed as a hive of scum and villainy.  In the Maul they found a tavern in which a Kushite Slaver didst drink and boast of his stealing away an Aquilonian Nobleman’s daughter with great slaughter and danger.  The heroes challenged him and Chullain with great strength didst first disarm the slaver, leaving the slaver’s sword embedded in the tavern wall, then Kehmnekt with light blazing from his fingers stunned the rogue, finally Cucklug pierced him through the foot with an arrow, pinning him to the floor.  Flowery words and several more well place arrows drew from the slaver the location of the Maid.  She was the prize of Yara, the most powerful Sorceror in Zamora and Master of the Tower of the Elephant.  Kehemnekt healing the Slaver allowed him to flee, but causing the hero to tire.

Through observation, guile, stealth and assiduous door knocking followed by extreme violence Chullain and Cucklug slew two of Yara’s guards, even though Cucklug was temporarily blind, and gained access to the outer garden of the Tower.  Kehemnekt seeking a resting place outside the city, found a site where the Mana was strong.  Refreshed and reinvigorated he spurred Erdish and made haste for the Tower.

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